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Welcome to the *SOFiA sound field analysis* toolbox for MATLAB

Spherical microphone arrays and sound field decomposition using spherical harmonics have recently come into the focus of interest for the analysis of sound fields, room acoustics or spatial audio recording applications. For this purpose, SOFiA has been developed and implemented. It comprises various functions for the analysis of sound fields using data from spherical microphone arrays. SOFiA is designed for MATLAB and consists of native m-functions and externals (called cores) written in C/C++ yielding an efficient and consistent processing chain. The toolbox is released under MIT license.

The SOFiA Toolbox is now also available for Python: SOFiA Toolbox for Python on GitHub

What is the purpose of SOFiA?

SOFiA has been implemented and will be extended and improved within the scope of research activities in the field of analysis and synthesis of directional acoustic room properties (ASAR). SOFiA is primarily made for real sound field analysis processing but also offers simulation capabilities or can be very helpful to understand how sound field analysis works (teaching/studies):

Efficient real data sound field analysis Simulation of spherical arrays and sound field analysis * Teaching or studies on the methods of sound field analysis.

Why is it public?

We are a scientific research group with no kind of commercial interests. The research activities around SOFiA are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany (many thanks for making it possible!) and our intention is to bring forward spatial audio research. SOFiA is meant to save work for other scientific groups on the one hand and to make research results comparable by offering a closed and consistent toolchain on the other hand. Feel free to use SOFiA for your projects and bring back ideas or code to extend and improve the toolbox. Contributions by the acoustic community are welcome.